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Omeg 3 Plus Dietary Supplement

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beyonde Omeg 3 Plus

Dietary supplement from fish oil, wheat germ oil, garlic oil and Vitamin E



Provides OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6 and Vitamin E, that help promote healthy heart and blood vessels With the micronization technology, it allows the oil particles, which are smaller than regular fish oil, to dissolve easier and faster in water. Helps promote healthy cardiovascular system Helps lower triglycerides and improve cholesterol levels.

Contains 60 capsules.



Omeg 3 Plus, 1 capsule contains:

  • Fish Oil 400 mg
  • Wheat Germ Oil 93.85 mg
  • Vitamin E 7.5 IU
  • Garlic Oil 0.14 mg


Direction of use

For adults, take 2 capsules once daily after meal with a glass of water.


Storage Recommendation

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


Precaution: It is recommended to consume a balanced diet consisting of a variety of food from the 5 nutrition groups. This product is not intended to prevent or cure any diseases. Not recommended for children and pregnant women. 

This product contains marine fish ingredients. Do not use in people who are allergic to fish or fish oil. Cautiously use in patients treate with anti-blood clotting medicine or Aspirin.

Contains food allergen : Fish and Soybeans

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