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5 Clean Healthy Food Recipes - How To Start Eating Clean To Lose Weight

5 Clean Healthy Food Recipes - How To Start Eating Clean To Lose Weight

Various health issues are emerging in our every day lives, making health care trends more popular than ever. One of which is the clean diet trend, or eat clean food. It is a health care technique. Keeping in shape and losing weight is another popular method that many people tend to dream of doing. For those who don't know what it is, or how to go about starting to eating clean? Today we have information for you.


Eating Clean - What is Clean Food?

Many people have heard of taking care of our health and weight loss by eating clean. But have you ever wondered what does it really mean when it comes to eating clean? What exactly does clean food mean? Clean foods are foods that provide energy suitable for the body. Emphasis is made from natural raw materials. Not processed with chemicals, minimally processed or not processed at all. Therefore, it is a type of food that is fresh, clean, full of useful nutrients, provides protein, energy, and high in vitamins and minerals.

The origin of clean food originated from people in this era, who are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes that began to develop from obesity. Obesity is the cause of these chronic diseases is caused by junk food or fast food consumption as a habit. Therefore, in order to solve problems and take better care of your health and away from these diseases, clean food or clean eating plays a role in helping to balance your health.

If you want to eat clean, how should you start eating to be effective and healthy?

Because each person's health and lifestyle are not the same, there is no fixed pattern for what to consume exactly. The advice for starting a good clean diet is to choose food that provides energy, protein, vitamins, minerals that are suitable for your lifestyle. You have to understand your own body, how much each nutrient metabolizes, then adjusting the proportion of food to be appropriate. For example, people who like to exercise to lose weight or to take care of your figure, have to eat clean in the menu that gives more energy than usual. For the body to bring nutrients to repair, build muscle at the same time with burning fat, etc.


Eating clean can be flexible all the time. Furthermore, adjusting the formula to suit yourself each day can still be done. Hence, many people have fun and are not too stressed about eating clean, losing weight and taking care of their health. For anyone looking for a clean diet to lose weight by cooking for yourself, we have prepared a few great ideas which can be modified more to suit your needs.

Introducing 5 clean food menus to effectively lose weight

1. Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables + Chicken Breast + Tamarind juice

This menu is full of nutrients, full of vitamins and minerals from your favorite vegetables. It is recommended to fry with olive oil, seasoning, add a little iodine to the body with pink salt. Eat it with cooked, protein-packed grilled chicken breasts. and complete your meal with beyonde Indian Goose Berry drink to help control sugar and blood fats for better health. For anyone who needs to add more energy to the body can add a small cup of white or brown rice.


2. Tuna Fried Rice + Omelette

Eat this clean menu like a single dish, easy to make and not complicated as well. Just add tuna in to stir fry with brown rice or white rice as you like and season with a little soy sauce. Add some vegetables to add color like carrots and a little more vitamins. Finish the dish off together with a hot omelette for protein. Just like this, you will get all the great benefits and nutrients for your body, filling your stomach, and also simple and delicious.

3. Peanut Butter Bread + Banana and Strawberry

Moved to the clean eating menu to please those who want a light meal. A little belly is better with a menu of whole wheat bread garnished with peanut butter, clean recipe Top the nutrient like vitamins and minerals from the fruit with banana and strawberry slices. It's a good appetizer. It's a breakfast menu. Or a dinner that doesn't need anything heavy is also good.


4. Mixed Mushrooms with Vegetables + Chicken Breast

A highly recommend clean food recipe. Mixed Mushroom with vegetables and Chicken Breast for protein. Simply cut the chicken breast into bite-sized pieces. Stir fry with your favorite mushrooms such as golden needle mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms along with vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, and corn until cooked and topped with sauce for seasoning. it's not boring nor more repetitive as you can choose the ingredients you would like to add into the dish. A clean and simple recipe, helps to control weight as well.

5. Rice + stir fried Liang leaves with egg + Tamarind juice

This menu pleases people who exercise more regularly to lose a little weight. Hot freshly cooked rice served with stir-fried liang leaves and eggs that provides vitamins and proteins for your body. End the delicious meal in a clean way with beyonde Indian Gooseberry juice extracted from Indian gooseberry - Ayurvedic fruit in health care, warm brewing, aids in digestion, also helps to take care of sugar and blood fat. Good health coupled with a beautiful figure.

Knowing how to eat clean properly and the right quantity to eat may help you lose weight at the same time. Remember to take care of yourself by exercising regularly. Together with the help of beyonde M-Ex, a dietary supplement for exercise. That will help you exercise longer and burn fats better. without leaving the body feeling fatigue and exhausted. It will help the expected results to be as expected for sure. After exercising, replenish and repair your muscles with beyonde Protein D Plus for a complete care.